Terms and conditions

The terms of use for ‘CB’ Test cards and ‘CB’ Development cards are described in the document called “Commitment of the end-user” which explains the users obligations regarding the cards delivery and usage.
The ‘CB’ Test cards and ‘CB’ Development cards can be used only by the end-user that is already referenced.

Please, note that the systems called ‘OSCAR’ won’t accept the cards. They will be automatically rejected and refused until further evolutions appear on those systems.

2.1. Lost cards/stolen cards
The end-user must inform ELITT any lost or stolen ‘CB’ test cards as soon as possible so that the support team can stop the card usage. To do so, please send an e-mail to this address : testcards@elittcenter.com

2.2. Non-fonctional cards
A non-fonctional cards must be returned to the Test Cards service, based in ELITT. If a ‘CB’ Test card or a ‘CB’ Development card is physically damaged by the end-user himself or if the card is non-functional because of two many wrong manipulations (ex : 3 wrong PIN codes) or due to an extreme usage, the card will be automatically destroyed by the Test Card Service, based in ELITT.

2.3. Transaction

If a Test card or a Merchant contract generates an excessive or an unusual transaction flow (parameters downloading platform, authorization…), then the service could be suspended.

2.4. Merchant contract
To be renewed properly, a merchant contract needs to be ordered directly on Elitt E-Shop before the anniversary date. A gentle reminder will be sent to you by email few weeks before the due date. If the Test Card Service don’t get any news for the renewal, the contract will be automatically closed the day of the anniversary date. The transactions that are made from a merchant contract won’t face any compensation.