Set of 10 CB test cards with CPACE + Mastercard

800,00 HT

First of all, do you know that more than 8 millions of CB cards with CPACE application are already in the field ? (beginning of October 2023)

What are the differences between a CB card with CPACE and a CB test card ?

You can find all the answers ➡️ HERE

The CP12r_MC_20 test cards contain a CB main application developed on CPACE specification as well as MasterCard M/Chip Advance V1.2.1 specification.

They only work on POS machines that have :

  • either a real merchant contract supplied by an acquirer (Bank)
  • or a CB test merchant contract supplied by ELITT (available HERE)

The 10 cards from the set CP12r_MC_20 do have these following functionalities :

  • Payment on CB network in contact mode with PIN needed (the PIN code is available in the User Guide that is supplied by email when the cards are shipped)
  • Payment on CB network in contactless mode
  • The Visa applet on the cards is useful to perform the application selection on the POS machine
  • Maximum amount for a contactless transaction : 50,00€ (previously 30,00€)
  • Minimum amount possible for a transaction : 0,15€ in CB5.5 and 0,01€ in FRV6 – check the info on the table 40 that handles the minimum amounts)
  • The limit of each card is 50,00€ for 7 open days (on the online server –  previously 30,00€)
  • PIN Online activated on each card (any questions regarding the PIN online ? Click HERE)
  • New asymetric key certification authority AC : length 1984 (previously 1408) – available in the User Guide that is supplied by email when the cards are shipped
  • New issuer key 1952 bits exponent 3

If you have any questions about our cards, our test merchants contracts, our shippings etc do not hesitate to consult or Q&A !

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