Availability of the V6 Test methods

Last update : October 29th, 2020

Method Version Availability in contact mode Availability in contactless mode
MPE V6.2 Q1 2021* Q1 2021*
V6.1 Available Available (without CPACE kernel)

Available* (with CPACE kernel)

MPA V6.2 Q2 2021* Q2 2021*
V6.1 Available* Available*
PLBS MPE V6.1 Available*
PLBS MPA V6.1 Available*
VAD MPE V6.1 Available*
Cash transfer V6.1 Available*
Quasi Cash V6.1 Available*
MPA Motorway Payment system H2 2020*


Method Version Availability*
MPAT 1.4 Available
MPAT (UnionPay, American Express) 1.5.1 Available*


Method Version Availability*
MPAD V6.1 Available*

Single Payment (RTS SCA)

Subsequent Payment





* : for the method validation