CPACE : What is it ?

What does CPACE mean ?

It is the result of the dialogue between European national payment systems from ECPC European Card Payment Cooperation) around this common need for sovereignty and technological independence. They have defined a set of common specifications that anticipate national credit cards payments for European citizens travelling across Europe.

And in real life ?

A POS machine that supports CPACE kernel can be spread on the European market, whatever the national payment network used !

Here is today the 6 national schemes that constitue ECPC :

In this respect, the POS machine will be used for any transactions taking into account the EMV transaction flow and will be independent from national cards brands.

What about Elitt and CPACE ?

Elitt, being the only laboratory accredited both to perform CPACE cards evaluation & CPACE kernel, has collaborated with Alcineo to the CPACE kernel certification that guarantees European cards acceptation on Android smartphones equiped with SoftPOS application.

The strong potential of CPACE spreading through Europe has convinced Alcineo to add this kernel into his SoftPOS SDK and to make it certified by Elitt high qualified team.

When CPACE cards will be available ?

With several millions of CPACE cards already spread on the field by banks, Elitt decided to launch CPACE test cards and CPACE development cards. They are already available !

Thus, all testers can benefit these cards to test and verify the good compliance of POS terminals that are equipped with CPACE kernel !

Thereafter, new banks will offer CPACE cards to their customers in 2024 and the market will not cease to spread throughout the years.