The different stages of the processing of a complain

Satisfying our customers is one of our priorities. However, it may not be possible to fully achieve this goal. That’s why we have a clear process for which we explain the steps in dealing with claims. Here is this process :

• Receipt of the customer’s request
• First analysis to validate the admissibility of the complaint
• Under 2 days, information on taking into account the claim and proposal for curative action if possible. Communication to the client of the projected date of the action plan
• Analysis of findings and research of causes
• Definition of corrective actions
• Information transmitted to the customer on the identified cause (s), on the defined action (s) and the delay (s) of implementation. Communication of the projected date of implementation of the action plan.
• Verification of the establishment. Communication to the client of the implementation of the shares and closure of the claim
• Verification of effectiveness (where applicable)