What does PIN Online means ?

The PIN Online which is activated on our CB test cards is the action of taping the PIN code on the POS, after having initialized a contactless transaction.

How does PIN Online work ?

To perform a PIN Online transaction : You tap an amount > 50,00€ on the POS and you perform a contactless payment. The POS will ask you to input the PIN code of the card WITHOUT needing to insert the card into the POS !

What is the goal of the PIN Online ?

It is useful to verify if the POS has the PIN Online functionality activated or not. Our V19 CB test cards allow this verification. To know more about our cards specifications, click HERE !

The PIN Online functionality is already activated on several POS in real life and it is going to spread to become a standard of the French market.

What are the prerequisites for the PIN Online to work ?

If you have a real merchant contract supplied by a bank, and you want to perform a PIN Online test, you need to be sure that this merchant contract is configured with the PIN Online.

If you have a CB test merchant contract supplied by ELITT, the PIN Online functionality is not yet available. Do not hesitate to contact us to get more information about it.

What about CB development cards and the PIN Online ?

Our CB development cards also have the PIN Online activated. But it is the cards user’s responsibility to input the PIN Online key on the POS.

To do so, please refer to the document named « Values for Development Keys » that will be sent to you by an email once the cards are shipped.